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The angioclinic® vein centers and their founder Dr Ragg are the first in Europe to have specialised 100% in modern, operation-avoiding methods for many years. These venous clinics are the only institutions that can offer you 100% cut-free and anaesthesia-free treatment, no matter how complicated your venous problem may be. This is a big difference to many doctors and hospitals in Switzerland who are only now beginning to use modern methods. angioclinic® vein therapy by Dr Ragg guarantees that operations, anaesthesia and hospital stays are no longer necessary. The success rates are higher, the risks significantly lower, the comfort for the patient incomparably higher and the cosmetic results better.

It is normal to go home, to work or even do sports immediately after a treatment without any discomfort and with immediate success. Due to the great experience of surgical interventions, optimal safety and reliability can be offered.

The angioclinic® Vein Center Zurich (and only there) offers special programs for vein replacement:

  • Patients with particularly high cosmetic requirements
  • Patients with particularly large or many varicose veins
  • anxious patients
  • particularly pain-sensitive patients
  • Patients who have little time and need to be fit for work immediately
  • Sportsmen
  • Overweight patients
  • Pregnant women or before planning a pregnancy
  • adolescents
  • diabetics
  • allergy sufferers
  • patients who are prone to thrombosis or bleeding or who are taking blood thinners

All methods of the vein clinics of Dr Ragg are available, including the angioclinic® vein laser (810 - 2000 nm), three radio waves (with CPLA!), two adhesive methods, many microfoam techniques including visco-foam, innovative dressings with invisible and hardly perceptible medical foils, valvuloplasty for complete vein-preserving therapy and much more. Despite the impressive selection, according to Dr Ragg it is, "only tools - and it is up to the talent and skill of the craftsman whether he creates a statue like the 'David' with a hammer and chisel or just ruins a block of marble".

Let our team and Dr Ragg advise you now!

angioclinic® Vein Center
Dr Ragg Zurich

Seestrasse 455b

CH - 8038 Zürich

Phone 044 482 30 30
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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