The angioclinic® Vein Laser

Besenreiser Laserbehandlung

The therapeutic principle of all modern procedures is to shut down an abnormal vein section without incisions or injuries. This relieves the strain on the healthy vein sections and the blood circulation functions properly again, varicose veins disappear. This is exactly what we offer you in Zurich. It's worth coming from all over Switzerland, because you can return immediately and live out your everyday life without any discomfort - without any vein problems.

The vein laser achieves this by means of a high-energy light which, depending on the selected wavelength and the task at hand (vessel size, blood coagulation, medication), targets the blood cells or the vessel wall more precisely. The special feature of the angioclinic® vein laser is the precise adaptation of each vein size to the laser beam (CPLA, coaxial perivenous local anaethesia, development: Dr Ragg) and the clever choice of wavelength.

This type of vein laser (and only this type) has proven to be the most successful procedure in the treatment of truncal veins: 100% assisted success, less than 6% relapse after 10 years (status: 5/2014). It is both the safest procedure and the only one in which the treated vein is immediately closed and load-stable. This performance is considerably better than that of 'normal' laser treatments.

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