Dermatological Lasers for Spider Veins

Besenreiser Laserbehandlung

Special lasers are a valuable option for the smallest spider veins. There are three special features in the angioclinic® Vein Center Zurich. Firstly, not only one but a selection of lasers is available, from which the most suitable wavelength is selected. The effect is better. Secondly, a patented spray (Dr Ragg) is used for hygiene and freedom from pain. The third is the special angioclinic® strategy:

We treat spider veins with a graduated strategy, if desired also in a single session. First, the causes of the spider veins are precisely determined using imaging ultrasound and then precisely closed with special foams. Then the larger spider veins (blue - dark red) are used and finally the smallest (usually light red) spider veins, the latter often by laser. This produces good and above all sustainable results, which in Switzerland can only be achieved in the angioclinic® Vein Center Zurich.

Treatment in Zurich can take place in a single session or in several steps, as you prefer.

Be careful if you are offered a treatment that 'only involves lasers': First, it will hurt and second, it will not reach the roots. It will look better for a short time, but then the spider veins will come back again with possible skin damage and pigmentation defects. It doesn't have to be that way.

We will be happy to advise you in Zurich on your individual needs.

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