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Bild der Frau | June 2022

Bild der Frau has been one of the most important women's magazines in the German-speaking world for almost forty years. In the new section "From the clinic", leading doctors and clinics are presented – and the choice fell on Dr. Ragg and the angioclinic® vein centers. "Getting rid of varicose veins gently": In this article Dr. Ragg gives an exciting insight into his fascinating research and methods.

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"Why we no longer need to operate veins" Good Health| April 2022

In “Good Health”, Dr. Ragg answers many important questions about healing veins instead of surgery.

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"Beautiful legs and healthy veins without surgery" annabelle | October 2021

Vein problems are an important topic – and good information needs reach: We are pleased about our article in the most important Swiss women's magazine „annabelle“.

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Healthy veins, beautiful legs – even at an old age!
More about this in the brand report of the Tages-Anzeiger | January 2021

Varicose veins are a common problem of the 50-plus generation. To find out how innovative the experts at the angioclinic@ vein center Zurich successfully treat these patients, turn to p. 5 of the "Fokus 50+" theme newspaper of the Tages-Anzeiger Zurich. All info at  https://issuu.com/smart_media/docs/tagi_50plus_8b548cac3116fd


"neue woche" | October 2, 2020

How can we specifically prevent varicose veins? How do vein-preserving therapies work? In the article "Healthy veins without surgery", Dr. Ragg answers the questions of the medical editors of the magazine "neue woche" in the fall of 2020.

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Special offer "The Most Beautiful Summer Legs Come from Zurich"
New in Zurich: a laser with an adjustable focus that can be precisely set to any blood vessel size | July 2020

You can look forward to a completely new offer: In Zurich we can now successfully eliminate ugly leg veins without any restrictions – even in the hot summer months. Dr Sebastian Kreis: "The technique is the result of fruitful Brazilian-German cooperation and combines the CLaCS technique proven in Brazil and the L.O.V.E. technology developed by Dr Ragg for the angioclinic® vein centers. Both procedures are based on the combination of a special laser wavelength of 1064 nm and natural-based sclerosing substances such as dextrose. Their combination achieves a highly reliable effect on the one hand, while avoiding unwanted skin irritation completely on the other. The effect is immediately visible and continues to improve in the following days without any further action by the patient. Compression stockings are not necessary under any circumstances."

Would you like to learn more about this exclusive laser treatment? Then please contact us.

Sector Special in the Professional Press ‘Fokus Moderne Frau’ | June 2020

Summer 2020 is here and with it the desire for beautiful and healthy legs. Good news: the most beautiful legs come from – Zurich! Find out more about the services of the angioclinic@ Vein Center Zurich on page 21 of the special interest magazine 'Fokus Moderne Frau' published by Zurich's daily newspaper 'Der Tages-Anzeiger'. You can find all the information at


Medical Tribune: Taking early-stage venous insufficiency seriously | June 2020

At the Medical Tribune's 'Venous Problems' roundtable, Dr. Ragg spoke with Swiss colleagues and made the case for early diagnosis. Dr. Ragg: "In the future, the assessment of venous disorders as an obligate chronic condition must change. After all, the first stages are absolutely reversible, which is something that has not yet become widely known.“ In the specialist magazine ‘Phytotherapy’ (herbal medicine) Dr. Ragg made it clear that medication cannot heal venous valves. Dr. Ragg: "General practitioners should, instead of prescribing vein tonic medication on suspicion, first send the patients for qualified ultrasound clarification."
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Sector Special in the Professional Press ‘Fokus Stay Home 2.0’ | May 2020

Around one million Swiss people suffer from varicose veins – and during the Corona crisis, the risk of thrombosis has increased as a result of working from home. The current issue of the magazine 'Fokus Stay Home 2.0' published by Zurich's daily newspaper 'Der Tages-Anzeiger' presents what the angioclinic@ Vein Center Zurich has to offer, as well as our successful video consultation service. For all those interested: You will find the article in the specialist interest magazine on page 4 at https://issuu.com/smart_media/docs/tagi_stay_home_2


angioclinic venenzentrum zuerich fokus 2020

Dr. Ragg Keeps You Updated: News From Our Video Consultations | June 2020

Dr. Ragg: "A patient, mother of a 2-year-old daughter, told me: 'Yesterday I was in a clinic in Zurich and had my legs examined. I have a visible varicose vein on my right calf, which disturbs me a lot. The doctor told me that it could only be operated. The varicose vein would be too crooked for laser treatment and that foam sclerotherapy would go directly into the brain and cause epilepsy'. I'm afraid this is a typical consultation. A doctor can only ever say what he thinks – and in this case the doctor thought that he would most likely have to operate. Unfortunately, this is almost always to the detriment of the patient. Nowadays every varicose vein can be treated much more effectively without surgery, and often the veins are even curable. More effectively means much less risk, much less or no pain, no anaesthesia, immediate ability to work and do sports, better aesthetic results and above all long-term protection against relapse".

Use a video consultation with Dr. Ragg for your future without varicose veins and spider veins. You can arrange appointments here


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