How Long does the Removal of Varicose Veins last?

Wie lange hält die Entfernung von Krampfadern an - Dr. Ragg, Zürich

If varicose veins are treated with modern endvenous methods instead of surgery, e.g. in our Vein Center in Zurich, there is virtually no stimulus for the local formation of new blood vessels. The relapses typical of surgery, with tangled and difficult to treat varicose veins, affect about 40-65% of patients within 3 years. According to modern methods, depending on their quality, recurrences can be observed after 3 years in 15 - 58%, i.e. on average less frequently. Some procedures, such as the angioclinic® vein laser, which we use in Zurich with great success, have virtually no recurrences even after 12 years (< 6%). The problems with the veins sometimes increase with every operation, but after a good modern therapy they become smaller and smaller. This also applies to the costs. A re-operation is very expensive (hospital, anaesthesia), a microfoam supplement on the other hand is inexpensive and uncomplicated.

Dr Ragg explains the decisive difference:

"After a vein operation, the region is always more or less destroyed. Varicose veins are not located in the tissue like spaghetti in a pot, where it is only necessary to pull them out. All connective tissue connections, venous side branches and deep connections, small arteries, small nerves, lymphatic tracts and fasciae suffer considerable damage as a result of surgery. The region becomes scarred, the anatomy is totally altered, and new diseased veins, like weeds, often come from several sources. It is a horror to operate again in the scar area! Modern procedures are quite different: There are no scars, the anatomy is unchanged and a few drops of microfoam quickly restore the desired state."

Every venous disease has a tendency to reappear at some point as long as nothing is done about it - just like tooth decay. Under the condition of a qualified annual check-up and, if necessary, a mini therapy with a few drops of sclerosing foam, every patient can be assured that he will never get varicose veins again. This is no general knowledge, but the experience of Dr Ragg from 25 years of vascular medicine in Zurich, Munich and Berlin. It corresponds to the exemplary and convincing experience you hopefully already had with dental prevention.

In the case of purely aesthetic findings, such as spider veins, which can consist of thousands of small veins, a few new ones can easily be added over time. The prognosis here is that it will also be possible to maintain an optical condition once it has been reached with minimal annual effort. Please compare this with a garden that is regularly cleared of weeds. It simply looks more well-kept.

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